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The ULiège Medical Simulation Centre recognised by the Société Francophone de Simulation en Santé


The Medical Simulation Centre at the University of Liège (ULiège) has just been awarded the quality label of the Société Francophone de Simulation en Santé (SoFraSimS), certifying the quality of its training and research activities in the field of medical simulation. ULiège is the first Belgian university to hold the highest level of this quality label.

Since 2018, ULiège has created a Medical Simulation Centre within its Faculty of Medicine in the form of a CARE (Cellule d'Appui à la Recherche et à l’Enseignement). The Centre organises simulation activities for medical students and health professionals, including doctors and nurses. The aim is to supplement the training and continuing education of (future) healthcare professionals with medical apprenticeships using various simulations. To achieve this, the Centre has a wide range of tools at its disposal (mannequins, virtual environments for managing exceptional medical situations, extracorporeal circulation simulators, cardiac ultrasound simulators, monitoring simulators for critical patients, etc.) as well as extensive multidisciplinary human expertise, involving many practitioners, doctors and nurses from the CHU de Liège.

The Centre develops training programmes and activities as well as reflective thinking and research on medical simulation, an innovative field that has been attracting growing interest over the last ten years in support of the quality of training for medical staff, the safety of care and respect for the patient.

As a member of the Société Francophone de Simulation en Santé (SoFraSimS), in 2023 the ULiège Medical Simulation Centre began a certification process, which has now resulted in SoFraSimS accreditation recognised by the Haute Autorité de Santé in France. 

Prof. Dr. Édouard Louis, Dean of the ULiège Faculty of Medicine and President of the Medical Simulation Centre: "This centre has major added value for students at the Faculty of Medicine. In this field, the principle of "never the first time in a patient" has become an imperative, for the safety of patients and students and for the future quality of their practice. Year after year, the professors at the Faculty of Medicine are enriching the learning programmes through simulation, thereby increasing the diversity and quality of the training".

Prof. Dr Sacha Ghuysen, Director of the ULiège Medical Simulation Centre: "The centre pays particular attention to the safety of the learning provided within the centre. This is best summed up in the following basic premise: we believe that everyone participating in the simulation centre's activities is intelligent, capable, cares about giving their best and wants to improve."

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Photo: ULiège © Sandrine Seyen

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