Enrollment in medical and dental science studies is conditional on passing the medical and dental science entrance examination, introduced by the decree on medical and dental science studies(Belgian Monitor of 29 March 2017). This examination is organized by the Academy for Research and Higher Education (ARES).

Which materials?

This examination is organized as a two-part written test and covers the following subjects

Part 1: Knowledge and understanding of scientific subjects

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Part 2: Communication and critical analysis of information

  • Assessment of the ability to reason, analyze, integrate, synthesize, argue, critique and conceptualize
  • Evaluation of the ability to communicate and to perceive conflict or potentially conflictual situations
  • Assessment of the ability to perceive the ethical dimension of decisions to be made and their consequences for individuals and society
  • Assessment of the ability to demonstrate empathy, compassion, fairness and respect

When ? Where?

After two years of adapting the organization of the entrance exam to the sanitary conditions and measures, this edition will again be organized in a centralized manner for all universities. It will therefore take place at the same place for all candidates: on the Brussels Expo site (Plateau du Heysel, Brussels)

  • Tuesday July 5, 2022
  • Saturday 27 August 2022

iconeInfoAll practical information on the entrance exam (ARES)


How to prepare?

The University of Liège organizes various preparatory activities in order to help you prepare for medical school.

iconeInfoAll information on preparatory activities

Preparatory activities and entrance exam

Preparatory activities

Do you have any questions about the preparation for the entrance exam offered by the ULiège Faculty of Medicine? Contact us via the following email address:


Entrance Examination

For any questions regarding the entrance exam in medicine and dental sciences, please contact ARES via the following email address


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