t the end of the 6 years of study in Medicine, the student receives the title of "Doctor". However, this title does not authorize him/her to practice within the framework of the INAMI (National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance). The training must therefore be completed by a specialised master (in general medicine or in another medical specialty) which gives access to a diploma allowing to practice in this field. This can last from 3 to 6 years.

These specialisations are subject to federal quotas. In this context, all candidates must follow the admission procedure for medical specialties and take a selection test for each specialization chosen.





t the end of the5th year of dental studies, students have a Master of Dental Sciences. However, this does not give them direct access to the professional title of general dentist

Students with a Master's degree in Dental Sciences must complete an additional year of training in the form of a Master's degree in General Dentistry, which includes courses and an internship with an accredited training supervisor.

Students also have the option of taking 2 other specialisation masters (orthodontics or periodontology).

These 3 specialisations are subject to federal quotas. Within this framework, all candidates must follow the admission procedure for dental specialties and present a selection test for the chosen specialisation.

For more information, please contact the person responsible for the chosen specialty.

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