The Doctoral College is the body of the Faculty of Medicine responsible for managing the files of the Faculty's doctoral students. It includes an Executive Board in charge of the day-to-day business. 

The College is the structure that establishes the link between the doctoral student, his/her thesis committee and the University administration. In particular, it is in charge of admission, equivalences, the valorization of acquired knowledge, the designation of the promoter, the thesis committee and the thesis jury. Each year, it decides on the progress of the work and on the doctoral training.

The Thesis Committee is responsible for the scientific follow-up and evaluation of the student throughout the duration of the PhD. The promoter is a member of the committee, along with other specialists in the field of research.

A single

Doctoral College

for the 5 health areas

  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Motor Sciences
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Dental Sciences
  • Medical Sciences

Composition of the Doctoral college 2021-2025

The Doctoral College is composed of the Vice-Dean for Research, who chairs it, as well as a representative of the academic body and a representative of the scientific staff of each Department of the Faculty.

The College is automatically renewed during the term of office of the Vice-Dean for Research.

  • Pr Bernard ROGISTER, Vice-Dean for Research, Président
  • Pr Didier CATALDO, Secrétary
  • Pr Jean-Olivier DEFRAIGNE and Frédéric BARON, representatives of the Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Pr  Didier CATALDO and Rachelle FRANZEN, representatives of the Department of Biomedical and Preclinical Sciences
  • Pr Alexandre GHUYSEN and Axelle HOGE, representatives of the Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Pr  Alain VANHEUSDEN and Pr France LAMBERT, representatives of the Department of Dental Sciences
  • Pr  Jean-Louis CROISIER et Cédric SCHWARTZ, representatives of the Department of Motor Sciences
  • Pr Brigitte EVRARD et Anne-Catherine SERVAIS, representatives of the Department of Pharmacy
Sabine FRARE

Academic Affairs Secretary

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