The pedagogical office has one pedagogical coordinator per field of study, supported by one or more secretaries.

The pedagogical coordinators provide a high level of logistical support to the academic and scientific staff and act as an interface between the latter, the students and the administration. Each logistician is more specifically responsible for a field or a level of study and, as such, acts in close interaction with the various Boards of Studies dedicated to them.

The pedagogical coordinators ensure a relay with the students.


Pedagogical Office of the Faculty of Medicine
Quartier Hôpital,
Avenue Hippocrate 15
Bât B36 - Niveau -1

B-4000 Liège

iconeAttentionFor the pedagogical coordinators and secretaries of Motor Sciences and Kinesitherapy

Higher Institute of Physical Educationand Physiotherapy
Quartier Blanc Gravier
Alléedes Sports 2 - Bât B21
B-4000 Liège


Kinesitherapy and rehabilitation



Biomedical sciences

Dental Sciences

Motor Sciences

Public Health Sciences

Nursing Sciences

iconeInfoSee also the administrative services of the Faculty

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