he Faculty of Medicine organizes a series of complementary training courses in the form of certificates, for professionals. The conditions of access are specified for each course.

The current catalog of training courses covers the fields listed below.

Registration procedure

First registration

Except in special cases specified in the conditions of access to the training:

  1. Persons wishing to register for a certificate contact the training manager.
  2. After examining the applications, the person in charge of the course will send the list of persons authorized to enroll to theApparitorate, using the pre-established form.
  3. The lists of persons authorized to register are submitted to the Faculty for approval.
  4. A letter signed by the Dean is sent to the authorized persons. They can then register at Lifelong learning unit of ULiège.


Les étudiants ayant été ajournés au terme de leur année d'études et ceux qui doivent s'inscrire à l'année ultérieure ne doivent pas recommencer toute la procédure mais uniquement prendre contact avec la Lifelong learning unit.


Medical Sciences

Algology (40 credits)

Clinical epileptology (10 credits)

Clinical trials (15 credits)

Competence in clinical hematology (120 credits)

Competence in critical care (120 credits)

Competence in emergency care (60 credits)

Competence in neonatology (120 credits)

Competence in occupational pathology (60 credits)

Endocrinology competency (120 credits)

Human genetics (10 credits)

Infectiology and clinical microbiology (18 credits)

Interuniversity certificate - basic muskuloskeletal ultrasound course for the rheumatologist (10 credits)

Ionizing radiation certification (45 credits)

Multidisciplinary management of emergency situations (10 credits)

Obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound (23 credits)

Pediatric airway management (10 credits)

Practical and multidisciplinary approach to physiology and pathologies of wakefulness and sleep (10 credits)

Reproductive endocrinology (15 credits)

Rheumatology ultrasound (20 credits)

Sleep medicine (25 credits)

Sports medicine (30 credits)

Surgical pathology of the hand and peripheral nerves (60 credits)

Thyroid ultrasound (20 credits)

Transfusion medicine and advanced cellular therapies (60 credits)

University certificate in diagnostic x-ray (10 credits)

Wounds and healing (15 credits)


Dental sciences

Competence in general endodontics (65 credits)

Competence in "laser applications in dentistry" (120 credits)

Competence in oral rehabilitation (180 credits)

Competence in pedodontics (120 credits)


Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences

Applied quality assurance in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries (38 credits)

Health regulatory affairs (52 credits)

Radiopharmacy - Long course (104 credits)

Radiopharmacy - Short course (44 credits)

University certificate for blood collection by clinical biologists (10 credits)


Motor sciences (including Physical Therapy)

Engineering of activity and physical preparation (17 credits)

Manual therapy (75 credits)

Sports physiotherapy (30 credits)


Public Health Sciences

Clinical epidemiology and health economics (60 credits)

Clinical sexology (next session: January 2020) (35 credits)

Environmental health: ecosystemic approach (15 credits)

Hospital hygiene (20 credits)

Inter-university health simulation certificate (15 credits)

Perfusion and applied techniques (60 credits)

Radiation therapy and oncology management (Dosimetry or technology option) (10 credits)

School Medicine - School Health Promotion (20 credits)

Therapeutic education of patients with heart failure (12 credits)

Therapeutic patient education practice (15 credits)



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