The Board of Studies is "a body for dialogue between supervisors and students" whose mission is to give an opinion, as the case may be, to the Department Councils, to the juries, to the scientific council of the libraries or to the faculty, on any question related to training and evaluation, in particular:

  • the content and internal organization of the courses of study ;
  • the forms and modalities of examinations and any other procedure for the evaluation of knowledge
  • the requirements for students' personal written and oral work
  • the requirements for practical work and internships;
  • the conditions of access to and the modalities of operation of the documentation units and libraries;
  • plans for changes in the curriculum and course duration;
  • the rationalization of student work and the optimization of their timetable;
  • the schedules of courses, practical work and internships;
  • the modalities of application of the academic calendar, including the organization of the examinations and, in liaison with the examination boards, the evaluation procedures;
  • the problems related to the information of students and future students on the study programs and on everything related to them (prerequisites, teaching methods, evaluation, job opportunities...).

[Extract from the regulation concerning the organization and functioning of the Faculties and Schools]




Each study council is composed, according to the specificities of the faculties :

  • teachers who teach courses in the programs and study cycles concerned;
  • members of the supervising scientific staff (including student monitors) who have supervisory duties in the programs and study cycles concerned, in a number not exceeding half of group 1
  • a number of students belonging to the programs or study cycles concerned, equal to at most half of group 1;
  • a member of the administrative staff appointed by the faculty on the proposal of the Faculty Council.

The members of the different categories are appointed by their peers, according to the rules defined by them.

The president may invite to the meetings any person likely to enlighten the debates of the Faculty Council


[ Extract from the regulation concerning the organization and functioning of the Faculties and Schools]


Boards of studies :


President : Philippe LEFEBVRE
Secretary : Frédéric KRIDELKA

Pharmaceutical Sciences

President: Géraldine PIEL
Secretary: Marie-Pierre HAYETTE

Dental Sciences

President : Alain VANHEUSDEN
Secretary: Amélie MAINJOT

Biomedical Sciences

President : Philippe KOLH
Secretary : Rachelle FRANZEN

Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy

President: Boris JIDOVTSEFF
Secretary: Didier MAQUET

Public Health Sciences

President: Benoît PETRE
Secretary: Axelle HOGE



All requests to the Board of Studies must be made through
the pedagogical coordinators.

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