Currently the Research Unit "Biostatistics and Research Methods" gathers members from the Departments of Pr. AF. DONNEAU, Pr. M. GUILLAUME, Pr. Ph. KOLH and Pr. Ph. HUBERT. Mr B. VRIJENS, Chief Science Officer of WestRock Healthcare and assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine in the field of Biostatistics, is also a member of this Unit.

The Research Unit "Biostatistics and Research Methods" is a transversal structure for all the Departments and Research Units of the Faculty of Medicine. One of its objectives is to support the Faculty of Medicine (ULiège - CHU) both in teaching and research.  Indeed, the Unit sets up, in partnership with the Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, courses of statistics and methodology in adequacy with the objectives and expectations of the fields/orientations. It also participates in Masters courses outside the Faculty, and organizes several times a year doctoral and continuing education courses for doctoral students/researchers/clinicians. These courses focus on the introduction to the use of software such as R, SAS or JMP, or the introduction to modern biostatistics for health professionals.  Other training courses, more specific to certain fields of health, may be offered according to needs and requests.

Concerning research, the "Biostatistics and Research Methods" Research Unit has the necessary skills to help researchers/clinicians in the implementation and realization of their studies.  These competences range from the formulation of a research question to the assistance in the presentation and interpretation of the results of the study, including assistance in the drafting of the protocol, the preparation of documents for the ethics committee(s), the implementation of the study in the field, the encoding and storage of the collected data, the statistical analysis of the collected data and the presentation/publication of the results. The different areas of expertise required to carry out these different tasks have been exploited for several years through numerous collaborations with researchers in the medical field, clinicians, public health institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Professeur Anne-Françoise DONNEAU


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