Specialised Masters in Medical Sciences: cross-disciplinary courses

Academic year 2022-2023

In accordance with Article 19 of the Ministerial Decree of 23/04/2014 establishing the criteria for the approval of medical specialists, training supervisors and training departments, at the end of his training, the candidate specialist must, in view of his approval, provide proof that he satisfies the final objectives set and that he is capable of practicing the specialty concerned independently and under his own responsibility. In addition, the candidate specialist must also provide proof that he/she has completed training in the following areas :

1. Communication with patients, particularly with a view to obtaining their informed consent

2. Quality of care

3. Evidence-based medicine (and interdisciplinary collaboration)

4. Electronic data management

5. Clinical leadership


To help you demonstrate this learning, the ULiège Faculty of Medicine organizes five course sessions per academic year. You must attend at least once the complete cycle of the course covering the five themes. The courses will be repeated each year.

These sessions are given only in person and take place in the Bacq & Florkin amphitheatre (unless otherwise indicated). Only senior students with a compelling reason are allowed to view the session as a podcast.

The podcast is available the day of the session at the earliest on myULiège via the curriculum and the code MEDE3001-A-a

Final year students who take the session online are required to send a certification of honor when the session has been viewed.

2022-2023 Program

Honorary Statement

Session Attendance Summary Chart (now complete)

Archives (years prior to 2022-2023)

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