he department is a place for consultation and coordination by discipline within a Faculty. It constitutes a coherent whole, distinct from other bodies, which brings together those who identify with the same specific field of teaching and research.

It ensures the application of active teaching methods. It also ensures the periodic evaluation of the courses, the methods used, and the activities of the different elements that make up the program. It is also responsible for advising the Faculty Councils or the Faculty Commissions in which it is represented.

The departments are created by the Board of Directors on the proposal of the faculties. They are composed of three bodies: a general assembly (information role), a departmental council (decision-making body), and an executive committee (daily administrative management).


The Faculty of Medicine has 6 departments:


Department of Biomedical and Preclinical Sciences

Department of Clinical Sciences

Department of Dental Sciences

Department of Pharmacy

Department of Motor Sciences

Department of Public Health Sciences

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