Aresearch and teaching support unit (CARE) is a platform of expertise, either integrated into a department or a research unit, or autonomous. The general principles of a CARE are economy of scale, harmonization of procedures for access to infrastructures and expertise, and international activity and visibility.

Currently, the Faculty of Medicine has one CARE, the Center for Medical Simulation. However, others are under development.

Center for Biostatistics and Research Methods (B-STAT)

The Center for Biostatistics and Research Methods is a hospital-university CARE. The role of Biostatistics is indeed essential in the valorization of research work and projects, in particular with the development of statistical methods meeting the specific needs of confirmed researchers and PhD students.


The CARE's mission is to provide researchers and clinicians with a complete support in the field of biostatistics, from training to support in the realization of research projects, in particular:

  • to ensure the training of doctoral students and researchers in the statistical processing of data ;
  • to accompany researchers and clinicians in the writing of the research protocol, the preparation of documents for the ethics committee(s), the production of randomization lists, the statistical analysis of the data collected and the presentation/publication of the results;
  • to supervise research (PhD students, researchers, students) in its field of activity;
  • to propose the development of customized Web applications and expertise in database management;
  • to provide a common entry point for the biostatistical activity, whether for the members of the University of Liege, the University Hospital of Liege, or for the outside world through the implementation of a website and a communication strategy.


Medical simulation center (CARESIM)

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he Center for Medical Simulation is a dynamic structure developing training programs and scientific research projects in all areas of health simulation.

Thanks to interactions with university departments, with business actors and to innovations in view of the digital transition, the multidisciplinary teams of the Center for Medical Simulation propose you to discover what makes our expertise an asset for ULiège and its Faculty of Medicine.


Through the CARE Simulation, the Center for Medical Simulation is part of both an educational and scientific approach, whose 3 main missions are:

  • Teaching and initial and continuing education of health care professionals;
  • Scientific research with an (inter)national aim;
  • The development and management of transversal projects, both educational and scientific, in the field of simulation, including new technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, high fidelity simulation).



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