The general objective of the Sustainability Unit is to ensure that students who graduate from the Faculty of Medicine are aware of the major societal issues, aware of the ecosystemic constraints and trained in a sustainable and adaptive practice of their profession. This practice should be based on an integrated vision of health and be in line with the UN's sustainable development goals. It is available to support teachers in the steps necessary to achieve this goal.

Current operational objectives include

  1. Establishing the state of the art and adapting the theoretical learning and the fundamental notions of sustainability in the curricula as required by the Belgian adaptation plan.
  2. Introduce sustainability thinking into the use of materials and procedures used through measuring the impact of different options and raising awareness among trainers and students. The goal is to adapt these measures and techniques to the requirement of reducing the ecological footprint according to best practices.
  3. To collaborate in the sustainability initiatives of ULiège and the CHU of Liège, whether through awareness-raising initiatives or the implementation of general sustainable practices in partnership with the existing university sustainable development actors (Green Office ULiège, Cellule DD, Associations, etc.)

The cell has been established as a steering committee that is explicitly open to initiatives and requests from the various faculty actors. Its structure will adapt to the evolving demands for involvement. In particular, at the beginning of the academic year, we look forward to the active involvement of student representatives.



  • Jean-Luc BELCHE, Chair of the Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Anne COLLARD, Coordinator of the Faculty's Pedagogical Office
  • Ludivine COUNASSE, Assistant to the administrative director
  • Sabine GEERTS, Professor in the Department of Dental Sciences
  • Agnès NOEL, Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Preclinical Sciences
  • Pierre PESESSE, Assistant in the Department of Motor Sciences
  • Olivier PEULEN, Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Preclinical Sciences
  • Geneviève PHILIPPE, Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy
  • Felix SCHOLTES, Lecturer in the Department of Biomedical and Preclinical Sciences
  • Sylvie STREEL, Coordinator at the Faculty's Pedagogical Office
  • Joëlle WIDART, Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy
  • Céline HOERNER, Faculty Project Manager and Communication Officer


The definition of the objectives was facilitated by Claire WILIQUET, invited by the cell, in charge of citizen education at Eclosio, the NGO of ULiège, temporarily replaced by Marine WINAND.

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